Cloudious9 Hydrology9

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Hydrology 9 Dry Herb Vaporizer by Cloudious9

Detachable Borosilicate Glass mouthpiece with anti-leak liquid valve for ease of cleaning and exceptional comfort.

Patent Pending "Tunnel Tube" Bulit-in Water Filtration System. Facilitate cleaner & smoother inhalation, lower carcinogen intake and cools down vapor.

Precise temperature control allows you to choose and accurately maintain 5 stages of optimized temperature.

Chip controlled temperature integrity maintenance features. When desired temperature is inhaled, undesirable cold air will enter the chamber and lower the overall temperature. Chip will sense the lower temperature and quickly increase the temperature back to the desirable level.

Magnetic mouthpiece covers for quick protection against unwanted dust.

Anti-rust spacecraft grade aluminum alloy, borosilicate glass body, and complete 360-degree anti-leak mechanism.

LED light indicator within the water chamber to help guide you through your new vaporization experience with light distributed through the entire liquid container.

Patent pending solution to a typical problem we see in today's vaporizers. A built in device allows you to evenly and efficiently distribute heat this will help cut down cost and improve your vaping experience.

  • Anti-leak and anti-rust
  • Spacecraft grade aluminum alloy body
  • 360-degree leak protection
  • All in one system
  • 60 second heat-up time
  • Anti-leak and anti-rust space grade anodized aluminum alloy body with borosilicate glass
  • Mouthpiece and glass body
  • LED light color indications
  • USB charging
  • Mouthpiece with magnetic cover
  • Liquid filtration
  • 2000mAh internal battery
  • Precise digital temperature control system

Product Includes:

  • 1- Hydrology9 Vaporizer
  • 1- AC adapter
  • 1- User manual
  • 1- Cleaning kit set
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